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Funny Pics LOL! - Daily Laughs, Wallpapers, Quotes app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1344 ratings )
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Developer: Skol Games LLC
Current version: 2.4.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Mar 2013
App size: 19.34 Mb

Amazing Funny Pics to get you laughing! Share the best Funny Pics with your Friends!

• Awesome Funny Pics!
• Share Pics go Social!
• Get Laughs & Likes!
• Daily Updates!

Get your Daily dose of laughter! Its good for you! Memes, Comics, Fail, Jokes, Cute, Cats, Cartoons, its all HERE!

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Pros and cons of Funny Pics LOL! - Daily Laughs, Wallpapers, Quotes app for iPhone and iPad

Funny Pics LOL! - Daily Laughs, Wallpapers, Quotes app good for

Fantastic! I downloaded this app when I was a little down due to a health problem. Ten minutes laughing at these photos is the best medicine ever!
So, I am a big fan of apps like this. I love funny pictures. I love laughing my heart out. I love sending it to my friends. But I dont like waiting days for only a few pics at a time. I suggest a few things for this app. 1) update the pics way more often! One a day is not enough. I suggest at least 15-20 a day if you want people to be interested. 2) if this is too hard, then let people make accounts to make their own pictures to upload. If you feel they are not good enough, then dont allow them to come on main feed. 3) make a comment section. It is really nice to talk and discuss the pictures and app. 4) make a like/dislike section for each pic. This will let you know what people do as dont like. 5) upload gifs. This might come later, but it will help this app a lot That is all I had to say. Hope you really take this review to the work bench. Other than that, the app is really great. Love the family friendly part about it too. Dont change that!
Good app, great for kids. The only con of it is when the app gets updated with new pictures its only 3 or 4 new ones.
Every time Im sad I just come in this app to put a smile on my face. I share them with my friends to make EVERYONE happy
Makes me laugh every time. Great pick me up. I love it! This is full of fun jokes. Any down time I have I open this app and it makes me smile!
This app is so amazing it reminded me how miserable my life is and how much better it would be if I just ended it

Some bad moments

I deleted it after the first ad. The pics arent full screen, theyre just repeats of everything else you see on the Internet, and you get a pop up ad every 60 seconds.
Ifunny is better, plus they came up with it. They are just trying to make a quick buck.
Everybody understands that advertisements pay for the effort behind maintaining the app. This app however has ads that take you part way down the rabbit hole. They dont seem to be malicious just ridiculous time wasters.
I love the app they are very very funny. But when you reading the joke it will go to the App Store and ask me to get an app that I dont want. Then told me that I was one of a few people to get a free 6s for iOS users. And if I participate I will get a rewards for doing so. But I it looked suspicious so I deleted it because it could problem to my phone such as a virus that I had once because I downloaded an app.
Ok, so if you have this game, you probably would have gotten an alert that you won 1,000 dollars or something. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IT SAYS TO!!! They can hack into your phone!! Every day they tell me I won something. The comments that say how happy people are are written by the app makers just as different people!!! I would give it one star, but I love the pics so much
Im deleting this just because Im tired of the Mobile Strikes commercials that keep popping up. Stop it already!!!!

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